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Why are Seal Kits needed on machines?   Oil Leakages are a major problem on machines because of the high pressures and abrasive conditions acting on the Rams, Pumps and Motor.  Seal Kits ensure that Hydraulic Oil does not leak out of these components.

What are Seal Kits?  The actual seal kits are a set of small mixed plastic/rubber compound O-rings that fit tightly around the Rams and to ensure the oil cannot leak.

How do you use Seal Kits?  If you are unsure how to replace a seal kit, contact us.  Once the seal has be replaced, then you don't need to do anything on it.  However, during maintenance checks always ensure that the seals are in good condition.

Why should you buy our seal kits?  All our seal kits come from the OEM supply chain meaning they are the highest quality.  They incorporate the most pressure resistant material such as Polyurethane, Nitrile Rubber and GF-Polyamide

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