Asphalt Milling Teeth

The production rate and overall cost of operating road milling machines is linked in large part to the quality and suitability of the milling picks. Sigma PartFinder supply high quality, carbide tipped milling tools to guarantee high productivity and long wear life, coupled with a low initial purchase cost.

Sigma PartFinder milling picks are quality assured through 2 decades of development and operation, including as OEM supplier to a global German manufacturer of construction equipment. Product development is continuing, to ensure our milling picks and holders remain competitive with aftermarket picks, and of comparable quality to OEM equipment in the industry.

Our picks are a direct replacement to OEM milling picks and holders and can be interchanged with original equipment. In addition to the asphalt milling teeth, we also supply a full suite of product design variations for asphalt milling, rock milling, surface mining, concrete milling and soft/abrasive material. Sigma also produce adaptions to the design, which have been perfected for rock trenching, foundation rotary drilling, soil stabilising and asphalt bitumen recycling.

Sigma PartFinder milling picks are produced to stringent quality controls, to ensure long service life and extremely low failure rates. The high-quality Carbide tip with hardened steel body is engineered for maximum performance, tried and tested for years in road milling applications. The tip is sintered to the body with a permanent bond between the tip and the body, to minimise breakages in use.

Also available:

Tool holders – to enable quick extraction of milling tools, built to maximise wear life and reduce operating costs

Ejectors - to remove material from the milling drum area and avoid excessive milling pick wear

How to Buy our Filters
Convinced by what we can offer?  Due to the specialised nature of these parts, we do not sell them through ecommerce online.