Engine Filters

 About Engine Filters

Engine Filters are critical to keeping an engine running without breaking down.  They filter the air or oil to ensure that any invasive objects such as sand or dust are not allowed to enter into the engine system where they will, over time, wear down critical engine parts and block up the engine.  Of course, it's critical that the filters are replaced on a regular basis, especially in hot, sandy environments because as soon as the filters have been used for too long, they will be effectively useless.  

Why buy our Filters?

Sigma PartFinder guarantee that our engine filters are of a quality equal to OEM Engine Filters, and will offer long service life and are easy to fit.  However are filters are at a fraction of the price of OEM filters.

In addition, we are highly experienced at shipping abroad so we can offer fast shipping at low rates to all around the world.



We can offer you:

Air Filters: Engines need clean air for optimum performance, and our air filters provide reliable filtration of combustion air, preventing dust from entering and causing increased wear inside the engine. 

Oil Filters: Clean engine oil is essential for preserving the performance and reliability of your engine. Our Oil filters provide reliable filtration and protect the engine from wearing and damage caused by dust, soot and other particles. 

Fuel Filters: Modern injection systems require the highest fuel quality, as poorly filtered fuel can compromise an engine´s performance, fuel consumption and shorten an engine’s life cycle. Our fuel filters provide highly efficient separation of harmful particles and water. 

Signs you need to replace Engine Filters

1, Reduced fuel economy

2, Misfiring engine

3, Unusual engine sounds

4, Air filter appears dirty

5, Reduced power available

6, Black sooty smoke or flames exiting the exhaust

7, Smell of gasoline when starting the engine

What are the Benefits of replacing Engine Filters

Of course, it will ensure you engine stays running and doesn't break down, but if you regularly change filters, you will notice the following benefits:

1, Better Engine Protection

2, Consistent Engine Performance

3, Reduced Fuel Costs because the Engine will run more smoothly

Case Study

We recently supplied one of our customers in Ghana with a complete set of replacement Engine Filters.  He approached us not knowing what parts he wanted, or how easy they would be to supply.  However, he was in luck because our Parts team were able to recommend and ship the correct parts, drawing on their own knowledge and the collective 40 years of experience we boast here at Sigma.  Below is a list of machines the Engine Filters were fitted to:

1, Scania Truck

2, Bobcat 553

3, Volvo G990

4, Hitachi ZX210

5, Bomag BW213


How to Buy our Filters
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