Kelly Bars, CFA Augers, Drilling Buckets and Augers

Sigma PlantFinder specify and produce high-performance drilling tools for piling and ground engineering applications. Our products are shipped all over the globe, to contractors and construction firms who value our quality and price advantage. We can cater for all types of rotary and CFA piling, including drilling tools for soil conditions such as hard rock, soft rock, shale, soil, sand and clay.

Our range includes the following:

  • Kelly bars, for Bauer, Liebherr, Casagrade, Soilmec, Tescar, Geax etc
  • Rotary Drilling buckets and auger heads for Kelly drilling application
  • CFA augers of all diameters and lengths
  • Interlocking and friction type Kelly bars
  • Guaranteed for 12 months/2000 hours
  • Casings for all diameters from 400mm to 3.0m, to fit all casing drive adaptors

Our products are manufactured from high-tensile steel to ensure high strength-to-weight ratio, to maximise your drilling ability and prolong the service life of the drilling components. They are engineered to exact specifications, to fit world-leading brands perfectly, including Bauer, Liebherr, Soilmec, Casagrande and Delmag.

We can customise the length and number of sections to your requirements, from 2-5 sections, and 6-12m in closed length. We will provide full specifications for your sign-off prior to manufacture, to make sure you receive exactly what you need for your project. Upon your approval we will then begin the manufacturing process for the Kelly bar, drilling bucket, drilling auger or CFA auger that you require.

Our products are protected under a 12-month/2000hour guarantee, to cover any type of ground condition and duty cycle. Our equipment is guaranteed to give high performance and long service life, and is designed to give quality and service life similar to that of OEM equipment.