About Us

The Sigma PartFinder Story

You may have dealt with our parent company, Sigma PlantFinder in the past. They are one of the biggest machinery sellers in the world, but their ethos is to ensure the aftersales experience equals the excellent buying experience all Sigma customers love.  Keeping in close contact with the customers to help them with machinery problems in a large part of aftersales, so to improve the experience Sigma started to help customers by supplying them with spare parts, not only machines.  Over time, Sigma began to realise that many machinery users find ordering spare parts just as expensive and difficult as ordering machines.  When Sigma found they could cut out a lot of the difficulty in ordering spare parts, they decided to start a dedicated spare parts company that will further help machinery users around the world.  The spare parts company was duly christened Sigma PartFinder, and we have only grown from there.  We're proud to say our customer's have given us excellent feedback from our very first deals.

From a Nigerian customer: I like dealing with you guys! Why do you think I keep coming back to you for more? You do a fantastic job

From a customer based in Thailand: Shipping process was great. Very fast shipment!

Who We Are

The Sigma PartFinder Team:

Hayden Evershed Office Phone +44 (0)1642 206100
Email hayden.evershed@sigmaplantfinder.com
Barry Saltmarsh Office Phone +44 (0)1642 206100
Mobile Phone +44 (0)7341 074859
Email barry.saltmarsh@sigmaplantfinder.com

Our 3 Driving Principles:

We are dedicated to making the spare parts ordering process easier.  We do this by focusing on 3 areas, we call them our 3 driving principles.  Our aim is to keep improving each one, knowing that if we achieve that, the PartFinder experience will never stop improving.

1, To take the hassle and time out of ordering spare parts.  Machine downtime always means lost revenue, so getting spare parts faster is crucial for you.  Here at Sigma PartFinder, that's what we do. 

2, Spare Parts is a expensive business.  Not only do you lose revenue when your machines can't work due to mechanical issues, but the spare parts needed can be very expensive.  Using our online ecommerce based method of sales, we can reduce your expenditure on spare parts by up to 60%.

3, We want to consistently be able to offer our customers higher quality spare parts.  All our parts from the OEM supply chain, and we always physically check every single spare part before it leaves our warehouse to make sure it conforms to our quality standards.  This is great, but most importantly it allows you keep your machines running.